The Glass Quilt Liturgy

Some new pieces written by James Ashdown for the Glass Quilt liturgy on July 4, 2015 at the Welsh assembly building:


We have traveled

along rivers

on roads long and tedious

past sheep

through towns

across the land of Wales

There have been


and disappointments

friendly people

and tired people

there have been the ordinary

and the extraordinary

people of Wales

And we have traveled

sometimes when we haven’t felt like traveling

sometimes in the joy of the road

But we have

kept on traveling

All of us



And we have arrived here


in this time

and in this place

and we will be…


just for a moment


and wait in silence

wondering if God might be here


two or more voices could be used

God of the journey

we thank you for this Glass Quilt

and its pilgrimage across Wales

For the people who crafted it out of glass and metal and woven cloth

For the people who carried it over the long miles and assembled it and dismantled it and continued the journey

For the people who welcomed it and gave it a home

For the people who prayed in it

and the people who laughed in it

For the people who sang in it

and the people who were silent

For the people who loved it

and the people who weren’t quite sure what to make of it

For all the people who have become part of it

and have been bathed in its light

Bless all of them

and all those who are still to become part of its story

God of light

may we know your light today

may we be drenched in it

may we be bathed in it

may we be filled


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